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Are you looking for the best tips to make a girl fall for you? You are in luck because I have #7 explosive tactics I have used personally to get girls I like fall for my charm.

Before we get started, I want you to promise me one thing.

You see, love is a beautiful thing. It takes a lot of courage to confess your feelings to someone.

It takes a second to fall for someone, and years to forget them. So I want you to promise me that you will not use these tips for your selfish needs.

These tips can only be used to get that girl you truly have feelings for and MUST NOT, I repeat, do not use them to break people’s hearts.

To girls reading this article, I am the self-appointed best brother ever. I am finally revealing the charms used by us to get you. If I were you, I’d go through them and pay attention when a guy is talking to me.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying you girls should turn down anyone using these tips. In fact, it is the opposite. I know you can recognize a fake person from a mile.

Otherwise, I believe in love. I believe in that special someone and I also believe we all got someone waiting for us.

And that is why I am revealing the best tips to make a girl fall for you today.

Tip #1: Avoid Communication Daily

how to make a woman fall madly in love with you

This is counterproductive. I know what you are thinking:

If I don’t talk with her daily, she might consider me not serious and finally drop me.

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That is not further from the truth.

You see, talking to her daily, like texting every minute makes you come across as desperate, and you don’t want your crush to think that you are desperate.

To avoid such, shun from calling frequently and texting constantly.

Do this instead:

  • Have something like a schedule. Here is what I normally do, I text her in the morning, exchange a few texts then wish her a good day. At the evening, I sent a message or call to say hi and ask how her day was
  • Text or call only when she isn’t busy. The last thing you want is her hanging up mid-call

So you like her? Make her miss you. Period.

Tip #2: Ladies Like To Be Listened To

how to make a woman fall madly in love with you message

If you are a parrot and can’t shut up, no wonder girls keep leaving you.

You see, ladies like when you show you care. And one of the #1 ways of doing that is listening.

I know, some of these girls can’t just shut up. When they start talking, they cannot stop even to breathe.

If you find one like that, do not interrupt, unless you are asking a clarification question or commenting.

  • Ask about her life, what she likes, and what she hates (this is my favorite)
  • Ask about future plans

In anything you ask, listen carefully because she will be telling you what she wants, which you can use later on to make her fall even more for you.

Tip #3: Don’t Appear As Mr. ‘Always’ Right Guy

how to make a girl think about you

When it is your chance to talk, don’t make yourself appear as the ‘perfect guy’ or someone who never makes any mistakes.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear my boys falling into this trap. You are human, as such, you are bound to make mistakes.

If you only talk about how good you are, you will make her think you are a dush and like bragging.

To avoid this trap, I always inject in between the conversations some of the mistakes or errors I have made. I go ahead and take the blame, things like, ‘that was wrong for me to do that I now see that.’

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Point to note:

There are some ‘mistakes’ not meant to come up during the first date. Such things are meant for when you two are comfortable with each other.

Here is my advice:

Find the balance between your ‘angel’ part and the ‘devil’ part. This way you make her relate with you, consequently pulling her even more closely.

Tip #4: Be a Demi Sexual

how do you make a girl fall deeply in love with you?

 As a demisexual, sex comes second. You first show interest in her as a person and not because you want to have sex.

I can’t tell you how much girls hate guys who can’t think or talk about anything else other than intimacy stuff.

Girls are turned off by things like:

  • Sexual emoji way early in the friendship
  • ‘When are you going to visit’ questions
  • ‘Send me nudes’

All these make you look like a sex pest. To avoid it, first, get to know the person, understand her, and only take the next step when she is ready, not when you are ready, get the difference.

Tip #5: Be Full Of Surprises

I hate it when you hear a guy talking with a girl he likes, and you hear stuff like, ‘so what now…,’

‘What next…?’

Clearly, he doesn’t have anything else to talk about and all he wants now is for her to take over the conversation.

That’s a recipe for disaster. Later on, you’ll be wondering why she lost interest in you, she doesn’t text anymore. She lost that ‘edge.’

As a man, you should always drive the conversation. Don’t let it fade and end up making her bored because if you do, she won’t forgive you. And that is how you will lose her.

Tip #6: Show Her You Care

This one is almost the same as tip #2. But instead of being her audience, also empathize with her.

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Assure her you will always be there whenever she needs you, but if you don’t mean it, don’t bother because she will know you are lying.

Not to make fake promises, I always something like, ‘I will always be here for you to offer any support I can.’

When you say that, two things happen:

  1. You make her feel safe with you knowing that she’s got a shoulder to lean on when she needs it
  2. The last part tells her that even though I will be here for you, there are just some situations I am powerless.

Tip #7: Give Her a Bet Name

how to make her fall in love with you everyday

Pay close attention here, because you do this the wrong way, and you are dead in the water.

A bet name isn’t something big like lioness or tiger, buddy, how can you even think about that?

Everyone is calling her Natasha. It is her name, and that is why she’s has grown accustomed to it. She responds to it automatically without even thinking because her brain has been programmed to do that.

That is what we want to change. We want to make her feel your presence and learn to recognize you and even long to hear you call her name.

Here is what you gonna do:

Take her name and put a sweet, funny, flirty twist to it.

For example:

If her name is Natasha, go for names like Tash, Tasha… be creative and remember to keep it sweet, funny, and flirty.

What to do next about these best tips to make a girl fall for you

Remember you promised not to use these tips for your own selfish reasons, and that includes not sharing with your best friend. You ain’t gonna read them alone, will you?

Go ahead and share this guide with friends.


Use them to make the girl you truly have feelings for fall for you. I DO NOT support womanizers. My motto: 1 MAN 1 WOMAN.

There you have it, Best Tips to Make a Girl Fall for You.

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