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Are you looking for the best motivational quotes by rappers?

We have them here, over 23 quotes coming from both lyrics and famous talks. See, we may have questionable mix within the rapping world, but we never miss the gems these guys put out.

If you are here, I bet you love rap music. Sincerely? I do too, I love the way rappers make issues about life seem fun, and once in a while, we dance to our own problems.

These are some of the best quotes by famous rappers, go through them one by one and try to think about what it means.

Best Motivational Quotes By Rappers

Next time you see a brother down stop and pick him up, ‘cause you might be the next one stuck.” – Grand Puba, Mind Your Business

Never become so involved with something that it blinds you. Never forget where you from; someone will remind you.” – DMX, “It’s On

“Life is too short to live the same day twice. So each new day make sure you live your life.” — Machine Gun Kelly

Never mind what hater’s say, ignore ’em till they fade away.” — T. I.

“Remember one thing through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out. Keep your head up, and handle it.” — Tupac

“You have to keep your vision clear, cause only a coward lives in fear.” — Nas

You have to keep your vision clear, cause only a coward lives in fear.

“Take the first chance that you get, because you may never get another one.” — Lil Wayne

“Remind yourself, nobody’s built like you. You design yourself.” — Jay Z

“You can make something of your life, it just depends on your drive.” — Eminem

 “Stop lookin’ at what you ain’t got, and start being thankful for what you do got.” — T.I

 “I’ve been hated by many, wanted by plenty, disliked by some, but confronted by none.” Drake

This is one of my best motivational quotes by rappers about sleeping too much. I always love reading books.

“Life without knowledge is death in disguise.” Talib Kweli

 “I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.” Nas

 “When the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never, because the dance with the devil might last you forever.” Immortal Technique

“Rap was always a pipe dream for me, but rap was all I had. Because really, what was I going to do with my life? I had a young daughter. Kim and I were always either getting evicted or our house was getting shot up or robbed.” Eminem

 “I would have so many friends if I help back the truth and just gave out compliments.” Drake

 “One minute you’re an amateur, knowing nothing, not even the basics. The next you can put pen to paper, write a song, and create art in such little time! It’s crazy beautiful.” Scott McGoldrick

Best motivational rap lyrics

We listen to songs because of the messages they carry within the lyrics. besides the best motivational quotes by rappers, here are some of the best motivational rap lyrics

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Best Motivational Quotes By Rappers

“Everybody’s at war with different things, I’m at war with my own heart sometimes.” — Tupac

“No one can identify the uninformed until they voice their ignorance about a topic. Silence is a fool’s best friend. Sadly, he is often too foolish to realize it.” — Carlos Wallace

“Cherish these nights, cherish these people. Life is a movie, but there’ll never be a sequel.” — Nicki Minaj

“Doing it your own way, not having to go exactly by the book to be successful.” — Ice Cube

“If you can’t do what you imagine, then what is imagination to you?” — Kid Cudi

“Why do we try so hard to fit in, when we were born to stand out?” — Machine Gun Kelly

Best Motivational Rap Quotes

Get hyped up by these best motivational quotes by rappers.

Best Motivational Rap Quotes

“You might not have a car or big gold chain, stay true to yourself and things will change.” — Snoop Dogg

“You gotta be able to smile through the bullshit.” — Tupac

“You can make something of your life, it just depends on your drive.” — Eminem

“Forget yesterday, live for today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.” — Rick Ross

“Life is a wheel of fortune and it’s my turn to spin it.” — Tupac

“Worrying is stupid. It’s like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.” — Wiz Khalifa

There you have it, some of the best motivational quotes by rappers. I will keep adding them as I do more research.

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