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We all have people in our lives who are not true friends. Most of the time we don’t even realize this until it’s too late and we are left feeling betrayed and unsupported. 

Good morning quotes for fake friends can be a great way to start the day with a reminder that you don’t need these people in your life and that it’s ok to move on without them. 

These 21 quotes will give you strength, courage, and resilience to keep moving forward despite any obstacles that may come your way.

“Fake friends are like autumn leaves, they’re scattered everywhere.”

“True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.”

“Fake friends are like shadows, they follow you in the sun but leave you in the dark.”

“A true friend is someone who accepts your past, supports your present, and encourages your future.”

“A fake friend is someone who stabs you in the back and then asks you why you’re bleeding.”

“Fake friends are like a mirage, they make you see what you want to see but in reality, they’re not there.”

Fake friends are like a mirage – they appear to be something they’re not. They make you see what you want to see, but in reality, they’re not always who they say they are.

A fake friend will often put up a facade of being supportive and caring, when all along their intentions may be malicious or manipulative.

Fake friends can take advantage of your trust and use it against you. It’s important to recognize the warning signs of fake friends so that you can protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

Signs of a fake friend include flakiness, lack of empathy, and feeling superior to others around them.

Fake friends also tend to criticize or judge more than offer support or advice and may gossip about you behind your back rather than coming directly to speak with you about any issues at hand.

“True friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they’re always there.”

“A fake friend will tell you what you want to hear, a real one will tell you the truth.”

the best status for fake friends

“A true friend is someone who is always there for you, a fake friend is only there when they want something from you.”

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“True friends are like a good bra, supportive, hard to find, and close to your heart.”

“Fake friends are like a virus, they infiltrate your life and spread negativity.”

“A true friend is someone who makes the journey of life a little bit easier, a fake friend makes it harder.”

“Fake friends are like a bad rash, they’re annoying and hard to get rid of.”

“True friends are like a warm blanket on a cold winter night, they bring comfort and warmth.”

“Fake friends are like a one-night stand, they’re fun while they last but in the end, you’re left feeling empty.”

“True friends are like good wine, they get better with age.”

“Fake friends are like a cheap knockoff of the real thing, they may look the same but they’re nowhere near as valuable.”

“True friends are like a good book, they bring joy to your life and make it better.”

“Fake friends are like a black hole, they suck all the good energy out of your life.”

“True friends are like a ray of sunshine, they bring light and happiness to your life.”

“Fake friends are like a bad dream, they’re not real and you’re better off without them.”

best quotes about fake friends

1. “Fake friends are like shadows: always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour.” – Unknown 

Fake friends can be hard to identify, but they’re easy to spot in hindsight. Fake friends are like shadows – always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen when the going gets tough.

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These people might seem like loyal companions due to their proximity during times of joy, but when life throws a curveball their way, they quickly disappear and leave you hanging.

Fake friends lack loyalty and often have ulterior motives for keeping close company with you.

They may flatter you and make themselves indispensable in order to gain favors from you or get something out of it for themselves.

It’s important that we remember not rely on these so-called “friends” too heavily as it may lead to disappointment or hurt feelings down the road.

2. “Fake friends believe in rumors; real friends believe in you.” – Unknown 

3. “A fake friend will make you feel like you’re the only one in their life, but a real friend will always make time for you.” – Unknown 

4. “Fake friends are like autumn leaves, they’re scattered everywhere.” – Unknown 

5. “Fake friends are like a mirror, showing you only what they want you to see.” – Unknown 

6. “True friends are like diamonds — bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.” – Unknown 

7. “Fake friends are like shadows, they follow you in the sun and leave you in the dark.” – Unknown 

8. “Fake friends are like clouds: they will leave you when the weather gets rough.” – Unknown 

9. “Fake friends are like glue: they stick around only when it’s convenient.” – Unknown 

10. “Fake friends are like buttons, easy to push but hard to sew back on.” – Unknown 

11. “Fake friends are like leaves, they’ll stay around until the wind blows them away.” – Unknown 

12. “Fake friends are like a fish, they’ll jump out of the water the moment you turn your back.” – Unknown 

powerful quotes about fake friends

13. “Fake friends are like the wind, they come and go without warning.” – Unknown 

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14. “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell 

15. “Be careful who you call a friend, fair-weather friends will never stand the test of time.” – Unknown 

16. “Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.” – Thomas Jones 

17. “Fake friends are like a shadow: they follow you in the sun and leave you in the dark.” – Unknown 

18. “Fake friends are like a dream: they’ll always be there when you’re asleep, but never when you’re awake.” – Unknown 

19. “Fake friends are like a penny: two-faced and worthless.” – Unknown 

20. “Fake friends are like a one-way street: you can only give, but never receive.” – Unknown 

21. “Fake friends are like a disease: they spread quickly and are hard to get rid of.” – Unknown 

Fake friends are like a disease, spreading quickly and being hard to get rid of. This is an apt metaphor for the type of person who pretends to be your friend but does not have your best interests at heart. Fake friends often take advantage of you, using you for their own personal gain. They can also cause emotional turmoil in your life when they backstab or betray you.

It is important to recognize signs that indicate a person may be a fake friend, such as constantly trying to one-up you or making fun of things that are important to you.

Once this has been identified, it is important to distance yourself from such people as they will only cause disruption in your life. Instead, focus on finding real friends who genuinely care about you and want what’s best for you.


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