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In this blog post, you will learn about questions to ask a Christian. What is your favorite book in the Bible? 

What are some of the most important things you believe in Christianity? 

Do you think it’s okay to drink alcohol? 

What is something people don’t know about Jesus that they should know? 

These are all questions to ask a Christian, and there are plenty more. This blog post will explore these questions and many others so that you can better understand what beliefs make up Christianity.

1).  Why do Christians believe the world was created by God when we now have scientific evidence otherwise. 

This question gets at how science and religion relate (or perhaps contradict) each other, which brings us back to the purpose of this blog post: to better understand what Christianity actually is and why people believe in it.

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2). What implications does believing Jesus was God has for you? 

This question gets at how belief in Jesus affects a person’s life, which makes up another important portion of the Christian religion (see “The Life of Christ” section later on).

3).  How would you define God? 

This question gets at defining the core of a person’s beliefs and seeing what they consider to be most important in their religion. 

The answer will likely give insight into why that particular belief is so significant (see “The Nature of God” section later on).

4).  Why should women be submissive to men?

Another one of the questions to ask a Christian. This question gets at what parts of Christianity are still relevant today. 

It’s important for people who believe in equality between genders to understand why other Christians don’t share that belief.

5).  Have you ever doubted your faith? If so, what made you believe again?

This question gets at how people deal with doubt. Understanding this can help explain why some Christians continue to hold the same beliefs even when there’s evidence against them (see “Christianity and Doubt” section later on).

6).  In what ways do you think Christianity is misunderstood?

Another one of the questions to ask a Christian. This question gets at how people perceive the world and seeing why they might have different views from what most other people believe. 

The answer will likely give insight into whether a person’s beliefs are based on experience or just something that was passed down to them (see “Christianity in Society” section later on).

7). What is your idea of what God looks like?

This question gets at the visual image that a person has in their head when they think about what God looks like, and seeing if it matches up with how other people imagine him/her to look.

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8). Does your past play a role when joining a religion?

This question gets at how a person’s past experiences might influence their choices, and seeing whether they attribute those decisions to the influences of others or something else entirely.

9). Can someone believe in God but not attend church?

Another one of the questions to ask a Christian. This question gets at how much a person adheres to their religion, and seeing why some might believe in God but not go to church. 

It’s important for people who are part of the Christian community to understand what being religious means (see “The Church” section later on).

10).  Do you have a list of rules to follow?

This question gets at the specifics that a person has in their own religion, and seeing whether there are any requirements or expectations they believe someone should fulfill. 

Understanding what Christians consider important can help explain why those particular things matter (see “Christian Rules” section later on).

11).  What is your favorite book in the Bible?

This question gets at which parts of Christianity people choose to focus on, as well as understanding how big the Christian bible actually is (see “The Holy Book” section later on).

12). Why do some people refer to Jesus as God’s son while others call him God himself? 

This is another one of the questions to ask a Christian…Which one do you think he considered true? 

Does it even matter if you’re talking about the same person?

This question gets at what Christians believe happened in history and see whether they agree with each other on all of the different aspects of their religion. 

Understanding how people perceive Jesus Christ is important to comprehend why he’s so significant.

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13).  What does ‘being saved’ mean to you? How can you be sure that it will happen?

This question gets at one of the most fundamental parts of Christianity: salvation. 

It helps explain what a Christian believes happens after death.

14). Why do some churches only allow men or women who are married to serve as priests/pastors while others don’t have any conditions?

This question gets at how people perceive the roles of men and women in their religion, as well as understanding one of the most significant parts about being a priest or pastor.

15).  How do you think your faith will change over time?

This question gets at what kinds of things Christians expect to happen throughout their lives. 

Believers need to understand why they believe that these events are going to take place.

16). Do you feel more spiritual when you’re alone or with other people? Why?

This question helps explain whether someone believes spirituality is something more internalized or if it’s something that can only come from being in a group. 

People need to understand what’s something that can be bolstered by being with other people people who share the same beliefs beliefs

17). Do you believe in life after death?? What happens when someone dies??

This question gets at what Christians think about their own lives after they die and seeing whether all believers have similar similar ideas on this subject. 

Understanding how an individual views their eternal future is crucial to comprehend why it matters so so much much.

18). How many times do you pray each day or week?? 

Why are prayer rituals important to your faith??

This question helps explain why different religions have specific practices that they follow regularly, as as well well as getting a sense of how often a person pr pray says during certain parts of their life life

Other Questions:

  • What are you supposed to do if your spouse falls away from belief? 
  • How does someone know they’re saved? 
  • What happens when we die after accepting Jesus as our savior? 
  • Can I be baptized even though I was never brought up that way? 
  • Who were Cain and Abel? 
  • Why did God flood the Earth? 
  • Does eating meat offend God or is it okay because animals don’t have souls as humans do? 
  • Do you think homosexuality is wrong?

These are just a few examples of questions to ask a Christian. If you have any more, feel free to leave them in the comments! 

Remember that it can be helpful to think about these questions before asking someone so you know what kind of answers you’re going for. 

More Questions To Ask A Christian: 

  • What role does tradition play in belief? 
  • How has your faith affected your relationships? 
  • When did you first decide to become a Christian? 
  • What does it mean for someone to be saved by Jesus Christ
  • Do Christians consider all non-Christians sinners who need saving? 

There are many more questions like these ones that you could ask a Christian, but we’ve provided four great starting points here! 

If this blog post has been helpful or if you have any other questions for us, feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love talking about Christianity with anyone who wants to know more!

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