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I’m quite sure you have come across a couple who have been together for years and their love still seems to be in the honeymoon stage and you probably wonder how do they do that? So here are 12 tips on how to build a long-lasting relationship with your partner.

Before we get into it how would you like your relationship to be?

Long-lasting and full of love or short-lived and full of pain

Now that you know what you want and if you reading this that means you want a long-lasting and happy relationship. Here are the 12 tips:

Be genuine and kind to your partner

Be genuine and kind to your partner whether they fail or succeed. Sometimes good needs to overcome the bad for a happy outcome to happen. 

No one is perfect and every couple faces tough and trying moments in their relationship especially when one party does something unpleasant or unexpected. 

Understanding that your partner is human and due to human nature mistakes happen will help you know how to handle them when the need arises. 

For example, let’s say your partner loses his/her job. You need to put in mind that the situation is stressing them up. 

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They might have been the breadwinner in the family and that can make things seem like it’s the end of everything. 

We are humans and this can make you also feel pushed to the corner making you find yourself being mean. 

Instead of letting your emotions overrule you think about the good times how important that person is to you and instead of pulling them down stand with them and help them pick up the pieces you don’t know how powerful that is.

Keep  your promises

It can be easy to break the promises at times but remember that you’re setting an example for how relationships should work. 

Promises are somehow linked with trust and if you fail to keep the promises that make it hard for your partner to trust you. 

Remember trust is something that is built and this is done through being a man of your words. Sticking or fulfilling the promise made. 

If you really want a long-lasting relationship then you cannot ignore this. 

If you promise to always be transparent with your partner about your finances failing to keep that promise can bring mistrust between the two of you.

Do something genuine to show that you’re for your partner

Showing affection whether by cooking them a meal or getting up with them in the middle of the night plays a big role in building your relationship.

Do you realize that it’s the small things that matter when it comes to showing affection to your partner? 

Surprising them from time to time with small gifts or making a special meal. 

Spice it up by writing a note and present it together with the meal (breakfast in bed).

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Never compare yourself to other people

You don’t need someone else’s approval if they’re not important enough to you! 

What makes most people not have a long-lasting relationship is trying to be or have what another person has or worrying too much about what someone will or might think of them. 

One thing you need to understand is that people will always have something to say either positive or negative.

As such, you have to learn to live your life how you want it and with who matters to you.

Laugh together 

And at yourselves when appropriate: it will help make things less serious. 

Having fun should be encouraged.

Having fun with your partner and laughing at yourselves when things don’t work out is sometimes what you need than being sad. 

Have fun together forget about your worries because no matter what you know together you can build an something big. 

Believing in your abilities when together makes life more fun and worth celebrating every second of it

Forgive each other for mistakes

It is human nature to falter and as long as you’re not hurting anyone, try to be understanding of that person instead of being cold.

If you are human then you know a man is to error. 

Don’t let a mistake that you can solve make you lose what you two have. 

Forgiving your patner without torturing them makes then know that they have you and what you two have is true love. 

Making your partner suffer for their mistakes only makes them feel less important to you.

Communicate with one another

This is key in any relationship because if something bothers you about your partner then they should know so.

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If communication is lost then the relationship is lost too. 

Communication is key to building a long-lasting relationship. 

Communicating helps understand your patner better and also know their likes and dislikes. 

Take this example where your partner is doing something you don’t like and since communication is a problem between the two of you it gets hard to talk to them about it.

This might cause you pain making you slowly start losing interest in your partner. 

Create memories whenever you can

Memories helps a lot in building your relationship. 

Do you find yourself thinking about the sweet memories you have shared with your partner and smile when you think of how all that makes you feel? 

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. 

Go visit places together have dinner dates either indoors or in a good hotel and talk about what you mean to each other.

Create your own time as a person

The fact that your partner means the world to your personal time is important. 

This will help you reflect on your life and what you want for yourself as a person. 

Do let yourself drown in the relationship and this will keep your relationship healthy since you have the freedom to be yourself and to do what you enjoy doing.

Don’t go to bed angry

When you two argue do all you can to solve it before going to bed. 

If the issues cannot be solved at the moment try to neutralize the situation and make the environment comfortable for both of you because no matter what your relationship is greater than your problems

Don’t tell your friends the weakness of your partner instead talk of their strength

This is one thing that brings a lot of mistrust and misunderstanding in relationships. 

Don’t involve a third party if you want to build a long lasting relationship, not unless it’s necessary.


You earn trust, you don’t get it!

As such, do all you can to earn your partner’s trust and keep it that way. Be an open book, don’t be afraid, give it your all.

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